Titan Gecko 編

タイタンが日本に輸入されたのは1995年からです TITAN GECKOは、ハーレーの全ての上をいくハイエンドモデルとなります。TITAN特注S&Sエンジンにパフォーマンスマシン製ビレットパーツを多数使用した、見た目も走りも最高の1台となります。年式:1998年 排気量:1570cc 

Titan was born in 1992, Motorcycle Manufacturer at Phoenix, Arizona, USA.”It will cost a considerable amount of money to think about customizing what is missing from the Harley with after parts, so if you use the best from the beginning, let ‘s produce it as one motorcycle” and was born.* ONE MAN, ONE BIKEIn the factory that produces the Titan motorcycle, it is produced by a method called “cell system” rather than line production which is often seen in mass production makers.In this system, like a usual motorcycle repair shop, one mechanic completes a single machine for each machine. In this method, each mechanic has a pride and carefully builds up the quality of the motorcycle itself It can be kept high.TITAN GECKO will be a high-end model that goes up all of Harley. TITAN custom made S & S engine using a lot of performance machine billet parts, look and running are also the best one.Year: 1998 Displacement capacity: 1570 cc